One -on-one private sessions

Alchemy through Breath and Sound

In this one-on-one session I create a safe space for your transformation using conscious connected breathing, sound and your voice. Release stagnant energy and blockages and shift into a state of being, out of the mind into the body, into alignment and expanded consciousness. 

Even one session can be a powerful transformation.

Holistic Alchemy

This is a virtual coaching journey using a mix of Western science and ancient practices. Utilizing holistic medicine to reconnect you with your body’s innate wisdom and activate its self-healing ability. I incorporate functional medicine, clinical psycho-neuro-immunology, plant medicine, sound, and breathwork to help you make transformative lifestyle changes that are tailored to your personal needs.

Embodied alchemy is pure energy in motion being alchemised through the body itself. 


Vibe with your tribe

Breath & Sound ceremony

Experience the power of breath and sound in a group energy. This is a transformational journey, guided by breath and sound, to expand your consciousness, feel recharged and aligned. 

Check out for upcoming events or book for your own private group.

Sacred cacao ceremony

A heart opening ceremony. 

A cacao ceremony is a perfect way to connect to your heart space in group. Cacao has been used in ancient tradition as plant medicine throughout Central and South America. The cacao plant is seen as a medicinal plant and used in ceremonial, medicinal purposes throughout history.

Not only is cacao rich in anti-oxidants, vitamines and minerals, it also has the ability to increase the blood flow and induce the release of endorphines, leaving you in bliss. As other plant medicine, cacao has no psychedelic effects.

Let cacao guide you to your essence. 


Myco-meditation & plant medicine microdosing

Explore your inner nature

Enhance your journey of self inquiry by subtle effects of microdosing on sacred plant medicine. Gain clarity and get in alignment with your TRUTH.

Get on your myco microdosing meditation journey in group or ask for support on your 1 month microdosing journey.



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